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A meal on La Palma

A meal on La Palma

For starters, ask for some pork crackling(chicharrones), grilled cheese with mojo (queso asado con mojo) or, simply, fresh cheese (queso fresco).

If you have a good appetite, you must try the chickpeas (garbanzas), picadillo soup (sopa de picadillo) orwheatstew (potaje de trigo).

For the main course, choose meat or fish. Meat options include goat meat with a special sauce (carne de cabra en salsa), charcoal-grilled pork (carne de cerdo a la brasa), rabbit (conejo), goat (cabrito), or pork chops with mojo and corn on the cob (costillas con mojo y piñas). If you prefer fish, opt fora vieja fish stew (vieja guisada), fried red bream (alfonsiño frito), or a big patudosteak (a type of red tuna) cooked on the grill. All mains are served with wrinkly potatoes andred or green mojo – red for meat dishes and green for fish.

For dessert, try Bienmesabe, Príncipe Alberto, Quesillo, almendrados ... and the fruit ... do not forget the fruit! Bananas, oranges, avocados, mangoes ... take your pick. Thanks to the island’s favourable climate, a fruit orchard awaits you.

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