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First of all, thank you very much for visiting La Palma and we hope you've had a good time. Now, we would like plasmases your experience on the island. Your opinion is of vital importance to us. Thank you for your collaboration.


  1. For 22 years I spend my holidays in the cold season like in the Canaries, 15 years ago the first time in La Palma. This island is the most beautiful for me, nature stops there wonderful moments and prospects ready, people are relaxed and there is a strong volcanic energy noticeably, which is first unfamiliar, but then has a revitalizing effect. I need at least two weeks every year La Palma and would like to live there someday

  2. This year is the eighth time the second most beautiful in Hawaii island in the world. After Cacncajos, Bremen Well, focal length Alta, Fuencaliente, and El Paso we return to Los Cacncajos back to the great hotel Hack data San Jorge. Except for some guided u. not guided hikes, we will also enjoy the beach incl. fish restaurant sweaters. A walk to and in Santa Cruz is also one of a rounded holiday.

  3. Dieses Jahr werden wir zum 21. Mal unseren Haupturlaub auf La Palma verbringen und freuen uns schon riesig darauf! Es ist für uns immer wieder ein Nachhausekommen und wir hoffen, dass das noch lange so sein wird! Wer La Palma nach nur einem einwöchigen Urlaub zu kennen glaubt, hat schlichtweg keine Ahnung! Auch im Allgäu, Berchtesgadener Land und im Chiemgau hatten wir schon verregnete Wanderurlaube und sind beim nächsten Mal wieder mit Sonne belohnt worden! La Palma ist nun einmal auch La Isla verde – die grüne Insel und von nix kommt nix, da muss es eben auch mal regnen! Für uns ist La Palma einmal im Jahr ein Muss, da führt kein Weg dran vorbei!

  4. A beautiful island.
    She is very versatile and a great hiking island. Jutta Buckle:
    That's it rains probably normal. The weather is not ordered and then wait a minute nature. Your comment that you can not migrate well on La Palma is a pure lie.
    Isla Bonita I love you!

  5. We were in March 2019 for the first time in La Palma. We wanted to hike a week and La Palma was recommended to us for it. My conclusion, never again, I can NOT recommend hiking enthusiasts unless he loves to walk in the rain. duration of rain a week makes no temper, my most bad tester walking holiday after 30 years. Island, hosts and people very endearing.

  6. In August 1989, we had spent for the first time our vacation on La Palma and had fallen in love with the island after 3 weeks. Our first Feriendomiezil was the Apartmento Montebrena in Brena Baja from where we explored from the island. We have in the years run from time to time elsewhere
    usual, while the island very well met. For 10 years, we are now at the Finca Milflores in LaPunta as good as home.
    Thanks to all hikers who have accompanied us in these 30 years on the Isla Bonita. It was an honour !!!!
    On April 24, we will come with friends for 5 weeks after La Palma and then we will celebrate our anniversary 30 years La Palma.

  7. In August 1989, we were the first time on La Palma. The Apartmentos Montebrena in Brena Baja we learned the Isla Bonita know and love .Meanwhile have passed 30 years and we were every year at least 1 time on the island. La Palma has already become a second home for us. We have a lot of friends for La Palma can begeister during this long period. Today (10 years) we spend our vacation in the dream Finca Milflores In LaPunta. Thanks to all who have supported us in these 30 years with walking tours !!!!!!
    On April 24, we start again with friends on our beloved Isla Bonita, because 30 years La Palma must finally be celebrated.

  8. Hello, since 2000, I am regularly in stock Palma for hiking. Overall, already 14 times I have visited this beautiful island. Now I was from 8.1. here until 22/01/2019. For three years I come in January because it is a little more bearable with the mountain bikers this month.
    Unfortunately, I can not see that is anything done against the destruction of the trails by mountain bikers.
    It is simply crying, some paths are not had because the oh-so-cool stand only on the brake.
    I very much hope that at last time something happens z.Bsp. Fines are imposed, or wheels are collared and so the black sheep are converted, because there are certainly mountain bikers who drive only on designated routes.
    Please do finally something that I continue to come forth can go hiking here. Many Thanks !

  9. Stunning island, spectacular scenery and taken care of environment. We have gone several times and hope to return. La Palma has it all: endless trails, hot valleys and cool mountains. A sea of ​​clouds envelops its peaks and forests of pine and laurel forest slopes.
    Colors, flavors and brutal feelings for the more adventurous.
    The most important thing is that it is not overcrowded like other islands and is what makes it even more charming.

  10. We were the first time on La Palma in 1986 and fell in love with this island. But then it took another 10 years until we were back on the island. we spent our vacation in April and November on Isla Bonita ten years.
    Es ist immer ein Traum den Urlaub auf der schönsten Insel Europas zu verbringen. Mittlerweile wohnen wir im wunderschönen Ostallgäu bei Füssen und genießen in dieser traumhaften Landschaft unseren Ruhestand. Diese Berge und die vielen Seen ohne Meer hat sehr viel Ähnlichkeit mit La Palma. Ich denke das wir in absehbarer Zeit die Insel wieder besuchen werden. Ich kann jedem der die Natur liebt diese wunderschöne Insel nur empfehlen. Es ist keine reine Badeinsel. Diese wunderschöne Insel muss man Erwandern und mit dem Bike oder Auto erkunden. Viel Spaß für alle die auf diese Trauminsel reisen. Sehr höfliche und liebenswerte Menschen.

  11. Kommen seit 2001 jährlich 1 bis 2 mal auf die Insel. Haben hierbei immer die Ferienhäuser bewußt gewechselt, um jedesmal neue Eindrücke von der Unterkunft mitzunehmen. Wir wurden bisher nie enttäuscht. Besonders nette Gastgeber findet man in den Unterkünften des “Tourismus Rural”. Von der Insel ganz zu schweigen. Überwältigende Natur, gutes Wetter und Menschen, die sich im Gegensatz zu unserem hektischem Alltag noch ein wenig Ruhe bewahren konnten. Hier läßt es keine Wünsche offen, eben nicht umsonst eine der schönsten Inseln auf unserem Kontinent. Es ist wie schon bei den anderen Betrachtern empfunden, man steigt aus dem Flieger und denkt man ist zu Haus angekommen. Wir hoffen, daß wir dieses Glück, einige Wochen im Jahr auf der Insel verweilen zu können, noch lange haben.

  12. Buenos días. Mi visita a La Palma ha superado mis expectativas. En cuanto a lugares, naturaleza, clima, cultura etc… Sus lugares tan pictóricos son impresionantes. Los Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero una ruta que no se pueden perder, La caldera, los Volcanes y un largo etc. He quedado maravillada de la Isla bonita. Tan solo hay una cosa que no me ha satisfecho. Canarias tiene algo especial para mi y para muchos de la Península, y ese algo es que no hay IVA, sino IGIC, pero a algunos restaurantes o cafeterías eso les debe de dar igual. En estos 15 días, hemos tomado café en varios restaurantes, y cada uno nos ha cobrado el café al precio que le ha dado la gana, y la verdad es q es mucho más caro el café en la isla que en Madrid. En el mismo restaurante, nos cobraron el café el primer día a 0.60 céntimos y el segundo día a 1.30 céntimos. En otras cafeterías nos han cobrado el café a 1.80 cada café y eso me parece un poco abusivo. Así, lo único que van a conseguir, es que el turismo Español, deje de visitar las islas y que se quede sólo en turismo extranjero. He vivido en Canarias, en Lanzarte, en Tenerife varios meses por motivo de trabajo, y estoy enamorada de las Islas Canarias, pero desde hace unos años, están abusando de los precios y va a ser imposible seguir visitandolas. Entiendo que la vida suba, pero razonablemente sobretodo como bien he dicho al principio, porque no hay un impuesto muy elevado, a diferencia de la Península.
    Otherwise, I'm delighted with the island, and everything I have ever visited.
    A real pleasure to have gone to La Palma, a pity that there are people who want to get rich in two days and then a bad reputation for exorbitant prices. A shame to see so many wonders marred by occasional abuse.

  13. We have gone twice on La Palma.
    I can only say, here we would like to live mainly.
    One of the most beautiful spot on this
    Air calculated, very nice
    Islanders simply fantastic

  14. Hello:
    In the month of June contract a Pack of 5 days, I loved the treatment and the professionalism of the guides. I hope to return next year.

  15. Also we get into our second home for 20 years
    Puerto Naos and now have many friends on the island. You can really fall in love with the island! Recently, we went there twice. In the spring of 2 weeks and in the autumn 6 - 10 weeks. It's easy to be here wonderful! Hopefully we can experience a few years still.

  16. For over 20 years we spend our holidays in La Palma. It is the best relaxation from the stress of everyday life for us. We always stay in the facility Alexsandra in El Paso.
    Also this year we have already booked again in June and September.
    One can say that La Palma has become our second home.

  17. I was now for the second time on La Palma and we have now been able to drive around the whole island in two visits, incl. Up going to Rocce de Muchachos. The diversity of nature is indescribable, just this spring, when everything blooms in purple, yellow and white, interspersed with orange nasturtiums, which sprawls along the way. What remains now? Of course, to wander the island, in all their diversity, sometimes lazing on the beach and eat well at the Carpe Diem, Tazacorte!
    I'm looking forward to my next visit, the next weather and the next impressions!
    Hasta la vista, La Palma!

  18. We come now are 29 years on the Isla Bonita.Zuletzt from 03.01.-31.01.2018.Wir go and visit the Finca Milflores in la Punta whole on 700m Höhe.Die island is a dream for all seasons. Even after so many years we discover on our walks always neues.liebe hikers and nature lovers visited La Palma you will not regret it.

  19. Hello
    ¿Qué puedo decir? Somos una familia de Vitoria.El mes de agosto de 1991 visitamos La Palma por primera vez.Tuvimos el honor de ser la primera reserva del primer vuelo chárter que se organizaba desde Madrid a La Palma.Desde entonces han cambiado muchas cosas,los novios de entonces ahora son una familia con una hija que tienen la suerte de compartir su amor por La Palma.Son ya 25 años de visitas ininterrumpidas durante los meses de agosto,25 años de experiencias y vivencias distintas todas ellas e irrepetibles,25 años recorriendo nuestra querida Isla y 25 años recibiendo el cariño de nuestr@s amig@s palmer@s. Este año,como siempre,ha sido distinto a los demás.Ha sido un mes de agosto intenso en el que hemos disfrutado de nuestra estancia como nunca.La Caldera del Agua,Pico de La Nieve,Cubo de la Galga,Los Tilos,Tijarafe,La Zamora,Punta Larga,Echentive,El Faro …. han sido las visitas de este año,acompañadas delos lugares obligados de “repostaje” como El Pulpo,Bodeguita de los Cancajos,Casa Pipo,El Lagar,Chipi-Chipi,Tasca de Luis,Cinnamon,El Campesino,La Mata,El Cenachero,Jardín de la Sal … y,como no,el Borrachito Fogatero,las romerías de Barlovento,la Galga,el Socorro … Los Sabandeños,el imprescindible callejeo por Santa Cruz y “nuestra” playita de Los Cancajos.Una vez más,un mes de agosto maravilloso en el que nos hemos sentido como(mejor que)en casa.
    It is less for volver.Espero that next year is at least as good as the 25 previous ones with new and renewed plans and dreams.
    Txema greetings, Puri and Amaia from Vitoria.

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