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Getting around

By car ...

Hiring a car is a good option for getting around on the island. Having your own car guarantees you the freedom to move how and when you like. It also enables you to admire the scenic diversity of the island in all its splendour, at your own pace. But, above all, it allows you to get everywhere. There are numerous rental companies to choose from, and prices are exceptionally low, both for vehicle hire and petrol.

La Palma has a good road network. The main roads are the LP-1, which runs round the northern half of the island, the LP-2 round the southern half, and the LP-3, which as the local islanders say, “crosses the summit” (that is, it joins the east of the island with the west). The LP-4 provides access to the Roque de Los Muchachos, and the LP-5 leads to the tourist resort of Los Cancajos.

Apart from those mentioned, there is a good network of secondary and even tertiary roads. Among the most attractive, less well-known routes on the island, the LP-109 from Barlovento to Roque el Faro, the LP-301 between El Llanito and El Paso, and the LP-212 via Tacande deserve special mention.

Finally, we would like to add that the island has a surface area of little more than 700 square kilometres, but distances can take somewhat longer to cover than expected. Above all, due to La Palma’s topography and the type of roads found here (don’t forget, the term “motorway” is unknown).

By bus ...

A bus is referred to as a guagua here. If buses are your choice of transport, you’ll find good services. They link the main towns, but do not reach all points on the island (for example, the Roque de Los Muchachos).

The main routes, with timetables available at, are:

  • Line 100: Santa Cruz de la Palma Tazacorte (North of the island)
  • Line 200: Santa Cruz de la Palma to Los Llanos, via Fuencaliente (South of the island).
  • Line 204: De Los Llanos to Puerto Naos and Charco Verde.
  • Line 300: Santa Cruz de la Palma to Los Llanos, by the Cumbre (LP-3).
  • Line 500: From Santa Cruz de la Palma Airport and Los Cancajos

For further information on bus schedules, please mail at or call 922 411 924 or 922 460 241

In addition to this company, there Maxorata Bus and transporation. More information on their this website , Phone 619 098 878

By taxi ...

If you don’t want to resort to public transport, or drive a car…get yourself a taxi. In all town centres there are ranks, served by professional drivers who will take you wherever you wish. Have a look at taxi ranks on the island at our "Planning your holidays on La Palma" section

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