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From the Caribbean came this plant, with its leaves as large as parchment scrolls. On the island it found loving hands willing to take it in. Hands which nurtured and sowed it, harvested and fermented it. And which gave it the optimum shape so that, on contact with fire, it could once again evoke its Antillian stories.

The fame and recognition of La Palma’s cigars has a long history. The artisan skills for cigar manufacture were introduced onto the island in the mid-19th century, with the return of the emigrants who had gone to seek their fortunes in Cuba. The production cycle begins with preparation of the seed bed, continues with the plantations, and finishes with the fermenting of the piles of leaves. The aim of the blending and manufacturing process is to achieve an even-burning cigar and white ash, much-appreciated by discerning smokers. One of the most sought after properties of the cigar is its aroma, achieved through the high quality crops harvested in La Caldera (El Paso), La Rosa (Villa de Mazo), Breña Alta, Breña Baja, and Santa Cruz de La Palma. Palmeran cigars are a synonym for quality and dedicated work. You can admire the results at certain cigar workshops open to the public, or in the Palmeran Cigar Museum.

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