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After dusk, land and sky curl up together under a single dark cloak. The sea surrounding the island creeps under the blanket as well, turning its lights out until the following day. And in the vault of heaven, as transparent as a recently-polished crystal, thousands of remote suns light up simultaneously, and begin their precise, anti-clockwise choreography. Sleeping is not a sensible option on La Palma.

La Palma’s geographical location, under the direct influence of the Trade Winds, grants the island an unsurpassable degree of atmospheric stability. To this must be added, moreover, the Sky Protection Law, responsible for regulating the correct illumination of urban areas and reducing light pollution. As a result of both these factors, the Isla Bonita (“pretty island”) is one of the main reference points worldwide in the field of Astronomy. On the island’s summits the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory is found, made up of a complex network of both diurnal and nocturnal telescopes, devoted to professional scientific observation. Nevertheless, other visitors, regardless of their previous knowledge, can also enjoy unforgettable moments through one of the following options: Observation of the night sky from a country house (casa rural). From the wide range of country houses on the island, some offer ideal conditions for enjoying the stars from your own terrace, thanks to their location far from the main urban centres. Certain houses, moreover, have their own telescopes, binoculars, computers, and other facilities specially aimed at this activity. Incredible astronomical viewpoints. The island now has an extensive network of natural astronomical viewpoints. From them you can enjoy spectacular dawns, sunsets, moonlit landscapes, and skies draped with tapestries of stars as bright as diamonds. All have information panels as well, designed to complement and orientate observation. Astronomy and tradition. On the La Palma’s summits there are various hiking paths connected with the archaeological remains of the island’s original inhabitants (the auaritas or benahoaritas). These sites demonstrate how important the Sun, the Moon, and the other heavenly bodies were for their culture. Star observation from any hiking path. La Palma’s night sky is a surprising place in which to lose yourself. From any of the island’s many paths you’ll have ample opportunity to locate the Pole Star, the main constellations, and the planets.

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