La Palma

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  • Playa de Nogales9-P Espantaleón

    Nogales beach

    Large black sand beach on the coast of Puntallana. Take special care with swealling and streams

  • ceramica


    Pottery is the oldest of the handicraft traditions on La Palma. Its origins are directly linked to the arrivals of the auaritas from the African coast, as hundreds of archaeological sites testify. And from this primitive root, without altering the techniques or the designs, [...]

  • roquemuchachos

    Astrophysics Observatory

    The Astrophysical Observatory of Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM), located at an altitude of 2,420 metres in the municipality of Garafía, is one of the most complete telescope arrays in the world. Thanks to its dark, clear skies almost all year round, La Palma has become one of [...]

  • LoImprescindible-Salinas

    Saltpans in Fuencaliente

    The saltpans of Fuencaliente are built in one of the most beautiful corners of the island. The contrast is extreme: the blinding whiteness of the salt on the balaches (dividing banks or rims), the pinkish-coloured evaporation pools and water channels; a variety of small [...]

  • MiradorTopo de LasBarandas_SaúlSantos

    Biosphere Reserve

    Man and nature are, according to logic and statistics, opposite sides of one and the same planet. Prosperity for our species very often means ruin for the rest of the plants and animals. But nevertheless, as UNESCO assures us, in a lost corner of the Atlantic...

  • palmaclub8


    Run downhill as fast as you can, and whatever you do, don't stop! Trust in the pilot's experience and the power of the sail. The slope is vertiginous, but have no fear. Before you've had time to get tired, your feet will have lost contact with the ground. And without hearing [...]

What's on

  • LaPalma_Poris de Tijarafe59-P Espantaleón

    Tijarafe-Porís de Candelaria

    This walk permits walkers to admire the typical flora located near the coastline on La Palma. It ends at Porís de Candelaria, a very traditional corner on the island.

  • IglesiaSantaLucía_Puntallana


    Fertile, green, lush, rural, traditional…That’s Puntallana. Historically speaking, it has been considered as the barn of the island. It displays good examples of the laurel and evergreen [...]

  • PlayaLosCancajos_SaúlSantos

    Los Cancajos beach

    Small black sand, near the airport and the capital.  Regular bus service and plenty of services nearby: accomodation, restaurants, bars, chemistry, supermarkets, shops...

  • Recova Santa Cruz de La Palma


    Apples from Garafía taste like apples. Cherries from Puntagords taste like cherries. Grapes from Fuencaliente taste like grapes, and carrots from Puntallana, like carrots. It's absolutely [...]

  • reservamarina

    Interpretation centre of the La Palma Marine Reserve

    The Interpretation Centre of the Marine Reserve of La Palma is housed in the old lighthouse at Fuencaliente. It's aimed at sharing knowledge of the marine environment and fisheries, through the [...]

  • MiradorLaCumbrecita_SaúlSantos

    La Cumbrecita viewpoint

    Access possible by private car or taxi. Remember the need to reserve a parking space. Take the LP-3 road to the Visitor Centre, and from there the LP-302 to the Cumbrecita viewpoint. For a [...]

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