La Palma

A little paradise full of great experiences.

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  • Cultura-Artesania-PrincipalesFormasArtesanas-Puros2


    From the Caribbean came this plant, with its leaves as large as parchment scrolls. On the island it found loving hands willing to take it in. Hands which nurtured and sowed it, harvested and fermented it. And which gave it the optimum shape so that, on contact with fire, it [...]

  • benahoarita

    Arqueologic Museum Benahoarita

    The Benahoarita Archaeology Museum shows the habitat, the industries, the exploitation of the environment, and the magico-religious beliefs of the benahoaritas, the prehispanic inhabitants of La Palma. To this end, its installations use the latest audiovisual and [...]

  • Cubo de LaGalga_SaúlSantos

    Cubo de la Galga laurel forest

    Jaw-droppingly beautiful laurel forest which is home to one of the most spectacular walks on the island. This is a circular route of low difficulty, with a length of about 11 kilometres, and an approximate duration of four hours. There is a variant which consists of leaving [...]

  • Pared Vieja – Túnel Viejo (ruta MTB)

  • ORM_SaúlSantos

    Star gazing

    After dusk, land and sky curl up together under a single dark cloak. The sea surrounding the island creeps under the blanket as well, turning its lights out until the following day. And in the vault of heaven, as transparent as a recently-polished crystal, thousands of [...]

  • PanoFuencaliente_Rici

    Fuencaliente de La Palma

    El municipio más meridional de la isla de La Palma destaca por su naturaleza volcánica. Una Reserva Marina, vinos, senderos, playas y calas de arena negra, salinas, pinares te ofrecen una gran cantidad de experiencias inolvidables.

What's on

  • LaPalma-AvistamientoCetáceos3912-Promotur

    Boat trips

    A fin breaches the surface below the bows. Soon after there will be two, three, five.. All at once the fins turn into silver bullets, racing ahead along intertwining paths, refusing to let the [...]

  • La Palma - El Paso

    El Paso

    Located in the middle of the island, this is the only municipality without coastline. El Paso, besides, has got the privilege of having the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. Birthplace of the silk manufacture, it is also home to Canary pine trees, attractive walks, panoramic views… [...]

  • 18077106_1172517606188301_4485491247591820505_o

    Beach in Santa Cruz de La Palma

    The capital of the island offers you a large and wonderful beach

  • Barricas de Ron


    Everything that contains sugar ferments and, of course, sugar-cane as well. In the north east of La Palma, close to where the San Andrés sugar mills once stood, this elementary chemical principle [...]

  • platano

    Banana museum

    The only museum dedicated exclusively to bananas in all Europe is housed in an old, two-storey Canarian house. On the top floor there are various information panels about the history of banana [...]

  • PN CalderaTaburiente interior_SaúlSantos

    Caldera de Taburiente National Park

    La Palma harbours in its interior a replica of itself. A mirror image turned to the south west, which reproduces the island's mould inversely. It looks as if some diabolical creature has dug it [...]

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