La Palma

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  • IglesiaSantaLucía_Puntallana


    Fertile, green, lush, rural, traditional…That’s Puntallana. Historically speaking, it has been considered as the barn of the island. It displays good examples of the laurel and evergreen vegetation and, on the coast, one of the best beaches of the island, the Nogales beach.

  • PiscinasCharcoAzul-VanMarty

    Charco Azul seawater swimming pools

    Natural seawater swimming pools in San Andrés y Sauces

  • ColoresSeda-PFernandez


    All handicraft specialities are, by definition, laborious. But few require as much effort as transforming the voluntary isolation cell of a silk-worm into a shiny, immortal, and... er... silky garment. Add manual looms and natural dyes and the miracle implied by its survival [...]

  • belmaco

    The Belmaco archaeological park

    In the 17th century, the first petroglyphs discovered in the Canary Islands were found at Belmaco. The importance of these rock engravings made the site a reference point and obligatory visit for researchers interested in La Palma’s past, and in that of the archipelago. The [...]

  • Cubo de LaGalga_SaúlSantos

    Cubo de la Galga laurel forest

    Jaw-droppingly beautiful laurel forest which is home to one of the most spectacular walks on the island. This is a circular route of low difficulty, with a length of about 11 kilometres, and an approximate duration of four hours. There is a variant which consists of leaving [...]

  • LaPalma_PanoElTime

    El Time-Puerto de Tazacorte

    Short walk from the El Time viewpoint down to the Puerto de Tazacorte, obtaining superb views over it.  Puerto de Tazacorte is ideal to have a swim and eat some fresh fish

What's on

  • OcioActivo-PorMar-Marinas


    On La Palma, you will find two marinas: one in Puerto de Santa Cruz de La Palma (28º 40.67 N 17º 46.07 W), in the East of the island and the other one in Tazacorte (28º38'37,59"N 17º56'34,12"O), [...]

  • PlazaSanAndrés_SaúlSantos

    San Andrés y Sauces

    San Andrés y Sauces is home to the Los Tilos laurel forest, the first World Biosphere Reserve on the island. It is a good example of the lush greenery of laurel forests and it is home to natural [...]

  • PlayaBajamar-AytoBreñaAlta

    Bajamar beach

    You can admire wonderful sunrises from this small black sand, near the capital and the port

  • Almendrados

    Desserts and pastries

    An island born from sugar production, whose inhabitants are known for the sweetness of their expressions and gestures, has to be sweet-toothed by definition. La Palma is a place for dietary [...]

  • LosTilos1_SaúlSantos

    Interpretation centre of the Los Tiles laurel forest

    Exhibition of the flora and fauna you can find in laurel forests. Near the hiking path leading to Marcos y Cordero

  • SenderoPicoLaNieve

    Pico de la Nieve

    Short walk leading us to one of the highest points on La Palma. Superb views.

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