Telewerken op La Palma - Bezoek La Palma

Telewerken op La Palma

Are you a remote worker? Welcome to La Palma, La Isla Bonita, a very special placer, ideal for people like you! Why? Find out!:

1. - It’s pretty and there is a wide scenic variety for you to choose the best place to work at. Volcanoes, lush forests, small villages, black sand beaches. Pure inspiration and motivation!

2.- It’s a quiet island … No traffic jams, no hurries … No stress (tranquilo)

3.- Internet connection

4.- A wide road and bus network to shift from one place to the other (guaguas, buses, as well)

5.- Good accomodation options and all types of services and shops/facilities for you and do not worry about the cost of living

6.- Weather is very nice

7.- Good flight or ship connection to other Canary Islands, as well as to Spanish mainland and some European cities

8.- Good sanitary system. Safe destination as far as pandemics is concerned. Quite respectful with hygyene measures

9.- Safe place (no crimes) .

10.- Environmental and sustainable destination

11.- No mass tourism and no overcrowded places

12.- Good professionals,ready to Offer you the kind of service you are looking for

13.- Kind and friendly locals

14.- It is pure motivation and inspiration ...

And, after work, time to relax:

a.- Choose any of the outdoor activities the island offers you (diving, paragliding, hiking, mountain bike , kitesurf, windsurf…)

b. - Explore the well preserved nature of the island, declared as World Biosphere Reserve

c.- Discover its small villages, nature reserves, hidden gems… tours .

d.-Spend the day on any of its black sand beaches , natural seawater swimming pools or small coves

e. - Admire unforgettable sunsets or sunrises .

f. - Enjoy its nice weather

g.- Drive from one part of the island to another without having to drive for so long

h. - Feel the rhythm of the island

i. ... Stargaze

j.- Try its delicious food at any of the restaurantes, cafes or bars you will find on the island

k. - Take pics of its interesting traditional, cultural and historical heritage

If you have any question, please, inbox us at

La Palma looks forward to welcoming you

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