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Faced with the pandemic caused by COVID-19, La Palma’s top priority has been to guarantee and ensure the safety of both its own people and visitors, so that we can all fully enjoy the island and everything it offers.

La Palma is, and has always been, a safe destination. This is precisely one of its claims to fame and one of the most frequent comments from those who have visited us. Once again, the island has shown that this reputation is deserved. La Palma has, and has always had, low numbers of COVID cases, below other Canary Islands and, of course, well below other parts of Spain. The island can even boast that its health system has never collapsed or been negatively affected by this epidemic. This is undoubtedly due to the characteristics of the island itself and the responsibility shown by its inhabitants and of its administrative and health institutions who have joined forces to manage the global pandemic we are experiencing, as well as the speed of action and the existence of measures that are respected and enforced. La Isla Bonita takes the well-being of its own people and of visitors very seriously, and that includes this difficult time. All this allows us to declare, as of today, that La Palma is a Safe Destination

La Palma is 100% open to visitors. We are not only prepared to give you the welcome you deserve, but also to show you, with the exquisite quality that has always characterized this place, everything the island has to offer. Of course, we all need to comply with mandatory rules as we will see later, but these do not prevent you from having a great time in this small world of emotions, experiences and moments. Welcome to La Palma!

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Thank you for your collaboration and remember ... La Palma is waiting for you

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