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La Palma is outstanding for its beauty and the impression created by its rugged, varied and dramatic landscapes, its unspoilt nature, intact and well preserved. But not everything is natural in this little gem of the Atlantic. Its gastronomy, its heritage, its fiestas and its "day-to-day" have made it the perfect hideaway for everyone who wishes to discover, get acquainted with, enjoy and integrate into a place. A quiet place, calm and yet full of energy that will dazzle you from the moment you set foot in its territory. A place that will make you feel something very special: the La Palma Effect.

And what is the effect La Palma?

Relaxation, revitalization, recharging batteries, strength, power, joy, positivism, I-feel-like-new, inner peace, happiness, harmony ... That's what La Palma stirs inside you. That is the La Palma effect.

Come and see for yourself. Welcome to La Palma, a slow island.

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