El Tablado - Santo Domingo de Garafía (leg of the GR 130 hiking path)

El Tablado - Santo Domingo de Garafía (leg of the GR 130 hiking path)


Long walk along a very traditional and one of he most unspoilt areas on the island. Well-preserved centuries-old paths, a practically intact rural landscape, patches of Euphorbia canariensis and fields where cereals were formerly grown at Juan Adalid … and the sea. One of the most beautiful hiking trails on the island.

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Municipality: Villa de GarafíaDifficulty:DemandingDistance:13.6 kilometers (one way)Duration (approx.):6.30 hours
Further information http://www.senderosdelapalma.es/senderos/lista-de-senderos/senderos-gran-recorrido/gr-130-etapa-3-barlovento-garafia/

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