To Roque de los Muchachos - West

Visit La Palma - Route Roque de los Muchachos - West

Santa Cruz de La Palma –Road LP-4 to Roque de los Muchachos – Los Andenes viewpoint – Astrophysics observatory – Roque de Los Muchachos - Santo Domingo de Garafía - Las Tricias – Puntagorda – Tijarafe – El Time viewpoint– Puerto de Tazacorte – Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Tricias - Buracas (leg of the 4th stage of the GR 130 hiking path)

Visit La Palma - Tricias - Buracas (part of step 4 of GR 130)

Small hiking trail that leads to the spectacular Dragos of Buracas. It runs through a very traditional area of ​​the island, with good and beautiful examples of Canarian architecture. Many walkers have described it as a route with a lot of energy, much positivism you recharge the batteries and leave you like new. Without

La Zarza - Cruz del Gallo (PR LP 9.2)

Visit La Palma - La Zarza - Cruz del Gallo (PR LP 9.2)

Short walk along one of the most beautiful laurel forests on the island. Caldera del Agua and La Zarza are two impressive locations. Despite being a frequented route, a sensation of solitude is experienced, being silence broken only by the murmur of water, branches stirred by the wind or the flapping wings of birds startled by the hiker’s presence.

El Tablado - Santo Domingo de Garafía (leg of the GR 130 hiking path)

Visit La Palma - The Tablado - Santo Domingo de Garafía (stage GR 130)

Long walk along a very traditional and one of he most unspoilt areas on the island. Well-preserved centuries-old paths, a practically intact rural landscape, patches of Euphorbia canariensis and fields where cereals were formerly grown at Juan Adalid … and the sea. One of the most beautiful hiking trails on the island.

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