Valencia – Pico Bejenado (PR LP 13.3)

Visit La Palma - Valencia - Pico Bejenado (PR LP 13.3)

Walk leading to the top of Pico Bejenado, obtaining superb views over the National Park, the Valle de Aridane and the volcanoe routes. A natural viewing platform above the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

Into the National Park Caldera (PR LP 13)

Visit La Palma - National Park Caldera (PR LP 13)

The trail PR LP 13, medium-high difficulty, leads into the National Park and allows us to cross it partly to abandon their natural outlet: the Barranco of Sorrows. The part from Llanos and returns to that population, a distance of about 28 km in length and an approximate duration

The Rim Route (2nd leg of the GR 131 hiking path)

Visit La Palma - The Crestería (2 stage GR 131)

Second stage of GR 131, from the Roque of the Boys to the refuge del Pilar. The views offered are impressive, given that overlooks the Caldera de Taburiente National Park and can admire on one side, the south side and on the other hand, the north. It's a long route, although he admits

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