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Parque Natural de las Nieves – Cubo de la Galga (Punto de Información Ambiental)

Parque Natural de las Nieves – Cubo de la Galga (Punto de Información Ambiental)

This laurisilva forest, located in the north-east of the island, in the municipality of Puntallana, offers one of the best examples of this ecosystem This is a circular route of low difficulty which runs through the forest. It is 11 kilometer long and an approximate duration of four hours. There is a variant which consists of leaving your car at the entrance to the La Galga tunnel (where there is an Environmental Information Point), walking up the valley to Cubo de la Galga, and returning the same way. This is the shortest option. This hike gives you the chance to admire the island’s laurel forests, and it runs through a cool, shady area, making it ideal for the whole family.

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