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Remote working from La Palma?

Remote working from La Palma?

So many things have changed in the last year … Face mask all the time, new terms, new home uses ... And a new way to work: home office or remote working, as you prefer

Are you a remote worker? Welcome to La Palma, an ideal place for that

First of all ... I need a place to live.- You will find plenty of places for that (and good prices) Right in the middle of pure nature and enjoying superb views ...

I need something to eat.- Of course! We are human beings! You will find supermarkets, big supermarkets, markets, farmers' markets ... offering you a wide variety of food

I need Internet.- No problem at all!

I need other people to give me a hand with my work (I mean ... translators, or if I have to have my laptop repaired ... ) .- Again ... No problem at all! You will find plenty of professionals at your disposal and willing to help you

I need special facilities for my family .- Nursery, school, fitness centres, swimming pools, physio, doctors, vets… again ... no problem at all! You will find plenty of them all over the island

I am looking for a safe, healthy place, some pure and clean air, not overcrowded, no traffic … I am looking for a place far away from daily stress ,traffic jams ... - Welcome to La Palma is all we can answer to this. You have perfectly described the island

I am looking for a quiet place, no noise, no traffic jams, no parking problems, slow rhythm .- Please, have a look at our previous answer

I am looking for nice and sunny weather, natural sunlight everywhere .- We are afraid we have to repeat what we have previously said: no problem at all! . Canary Islands are worldwide famous for its nice year-round weather and the light, the sunlight the whole day

I am looking for a place offering me something to do and options for relax after work.- We agree with you: after working, it's time to relax, to forget daily worries ... This island is pure relax. It offers you a kind of scenic diversity allowing you that and offering you plenty of activities for that

As an example ... have a look at all these pics

Planning your holidays on La Palma

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