La Palma in a weekend ... in 1 or 2 weeks - Visit La Palma

Spending a weekend on La Palma (or 1, 2 weeks)

Spending a weekend on La Palma (or 1, 2 weeks)

A weekend isn't enough to know La Palma well, but if you follow our recommendations, it's enough to discover some of the most beautiful corners of the island.

You can combine hiking, shopping, spend the day at the beach, visit museums, taste the rich gastronomy of La Palma cuisine in one day. And the best part ... observe the stars at night with one of the many companies on the island that offer this stargazing tours.

Day 1: Drive through the center of the island to the Roque de los Muchachos and back along the west side.

Day 2: Visit Los Tilos (San Andrés y Sauces), El Mirador Cumbrecita (El Paso) and the volcanoes of the south


With one or two weeks, the range of activities you can do in La Palma is significantly extended. Routes in mountain bike, diving, canoeing, quad routes or buggy

Roque de Los Muchachos-West

Santa Cruz de La Palma –Road LP-4 al Roque de los Muchachos – Los Andenes viewpoint– AstrophysicsObservatory – Roque de Los Muchachos - Santo Domingo deGarafía - Puntagorda – Tijarafe –El Timeviewpoint– Puerto de Tazacorte – Santa Cruz de La Palma


Santa Cruz de La Palma – La Galga (San Bartoloviewpoint) –Los Tilos laurel forest – San Andrés –Charco Azulseawater natural swimming-pools – La Fajanaseawater natural swimming-pools(Barlovento) – La Laguna –La Tosca viewpoint– Gallegos – Franceses - Roque Faro –La Zarza cultural park (Villa de Garafía) – Santa Cruz de La Palma.


Santa Cruz de La Palma – Las Nieves –La Concepción viewpoint(Breña Alta) – Cigar Museum (Breña Alta) - Villa de Mazo – Fuencaliente


Santa Cruz de La Palma – San Isidro (Breña Alta)– Refugio del Pilar - Llanos del Jable viewpoint- La Cumbrecita viewpoint – Silk Museum (El Paso) - Los Llanos de Aridane – Puerto Naos/Charco Verde - Santa Cruz de La Palma.

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Planning your holidays on La Palma

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