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For a thousand reasons, Bonita

For a thousand reasons, Bonita

La Palma is also nicknamend La Isla Bonita. There are plenty of good reasons for that!

1000 reasons, for instance!

The island scenic diversity. Its lush laurel forests such as Los Tilos or Cubo de la Galga. Its volcanoes, more present on the daily lives of the palmeros in the last 50 days than ever before. The perfume of its pinetree forests, especially inside the Caldera de Taburiente national park. Its deep and wild ravines, so challenging for our legs and knees. Its small villages, so traditional, so attractive, so romantic, talking about centuries and centuries of history

The traditional cuisine is another good reason to nickname it La Isla Bonita. Its delicious and creamy cheeses, its wine (of good quality, ideal for any special occassion), even its confectionery. Flavour. La Palma is pure flavour

The year-round nice weather. No matter whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, you can enjoy your stay on La Palma all the year around

But, above all, its people. Palmeros are kind, friendly and love to welcome visitors, ready to give a hand whenever it is required

La Palma is living a historical moment. A kind of natural event which is being hard in 10% of the surface of the island. Despite of that, 90% is untouched and not hit by it. There still is much to enjoy, to see, to explore, to feel, to taste ... A place worth a visit, which is, at the same time, a great way to help it and to collaborate with it

For a thousand reasons … Bonita

Planning your holidays on La Palma

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