Spending a weekend ... 1 to 2 weeks... on La Palma


A weekend isn't enough to know La Palma well, but if you follow our recommendations, it's enough to discover some of the most beautiful corners of the island.

  • Day 1: Drive through the center of the island to the Roque de los Muchachos and back along the west side.
  • Day 2: Visit Los Tilos (San Andrés y Sauces), El Mirador Cumbrecita (El Paso) and the volcanoes of the south


Combine hiking and/or nature with driving routes, cultural visits and the beach.

  • Roque de Los Muchachos-West

Santa Cruz de La Palma –Road LP-4 al Roque de los Muchachos – Los Andenes viewpoint– AstrophysicsObservatory – Roque de Los Muchachos - Santo Domingo deGarafía - Puntagorda – Tijarafe –El Timeviewpoint– Puerto de Tazacorte – Santa Cruz de La Palma

  • North

Santa Cruz de La Palma – La Galga (San Bartoloviewpoint) –Los Tilos laurel forest – San Andrés –Charco Azulseawater natural swimming-pools – La Fajanaseawater natural swimming-pools(Barlovento) – La Laguna –La Tosca viewpoint– Gallegos – Franceses - Roque Faro –La Zarza cultural park (Villa de Garafía) – Santa Cruz de La Palma.

  • South

Santa Cruz de La Palma – Las Nieves –La Concepción viewpoint(Breña Alta) – Cigar Museum (Breña Alta) - Villa de Mazo – Fuencaliente

  • Centre

Santa Cruz de La Palma – San Isidro (Breña Alta)– Refugio del Pilar - Llanos del Jable viewpoint- La Cumbrecita viewpoint – Silk Museum (El Paso) - Los Llanos de Aridane – Puerto Naos/Charco Verde - Santa Cruz de La Palma.

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