Paradise - Visit La Palma

A paradise

Enjoy the solitude of paradise.

Located in the Atlantic ocean, the island of La Palma is a mythical destination. The mention of its name evokes visions of an idyllic island, and those visions come true once you set foot on the island where reality surpasses fiction. Privacy will be one of the main protagonists, visitors will be offered all the time and space needed to relax and find themselves.

Surrounded by nothing but clean, blue waters, La Palma offers natural beauty, a culture of its own that will welcome you and also all the european amenities and comfort. The island is well known for its beaches, popular beaches, awarded with the Blue Flag, varied treasures like natural pools and diverse landscapes: lush laurisilva forests, multicoloured corals and volcanic peaks.

Exuberant and subtropical, La Palma is an oasis of peace waiting to be discovered.

A people defined by the Ocean.

Scuba divers from all over the world visit the island to experience exploring the purity of its waters, discovering all kinds of natural and historical treasures, from striking coral formations, the animals in their natural ecosystem, or even memories from a distant era.

If you are one to remain on the coast, La Palma stands out for its virgin beaches, completely available for your leisure. Forget about getting up early to reserve a space and just enjoy Playa del faro, Beach in Santa Cruz de La Palma or Playa de Bajamaramong others. Not forgetting the natural pools of Charco Azul,a spa created by nature herself.

Spring weather all year long. Thanks to the stable temperatures you will enjoy the beaches and the coast even in December.

Discover an oasis of peace.

La Palma is embellished by mysterious valleys, clear water streams, striking cliffs and volcanic peaks. As a matter of fact, La Palma has been declared UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve. The fact that most of its population live along the coastline confers an ancient aura to the interior of the island, with has but few traces of human intervention.

For hiking fans of every level of experience, La Palma provides endless possibilities. From a wide arrange of landscapes to walks for all family members or excursions of the athletic kind:

- Refreshing walks through the lush, subtropical forests peppered with small streams like the Los Tilos laurel forest.

– - Dizzying slopes will take you up to almost 2,000 metres, where you will delight on spectacular night views. La Palma is an icon of stargazing and its clear skies were awarded the Starlight Reserve title in 2012.

– Beautiful coastline routes connecting hidden beaches and thousand-year cliffs

A different pace, a different lifestyle.

People in La Palma have inherited a rich and expressive culture , natural to the environment. A world sparkling with colours, flavours and traditional dances that will persuade even the most skeptical that a slower pace of life, unhurried and in harmony with Nature is very much possible.

Even so, La Palma not only stands out because of its landscapes, but its rich gastronomic culture as well. The island is home to several traditional products and native manufacturing processes which generates a variety of unique flavours and food experiences. Among those, cheese and wine with sanctioned Certificate of Origin, also scalded Gofio, subtropical fruits or grilled meat. Not forgetting sea food and traditional desserts.

As you travel La Palma, the “Pretty Island” will slowly reveal its splendor. It can be explored in many different ways: enjoying its beaches, diving in its waters, traversing its villages, its hills and mountains and its forests, resting in its luxurious resorts and there are many other ways. The question being, who would you take to a desert island?

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