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Explore La Palma with …

Explore La Palma with …

La Palma holds a special magic that is best shared with someone. It is an island for exploring, sensing and enjoying its beauty and endless possibilities with your company of choice: family, friends, a partner ... or alone.

The island has something for adults and children alike. It is renown not only for its stunning scenery, which will easily impress, but for the many activities it offers, from the sea to the mountain summit.

Explore some of the many walking trails of different difficulty and lose yourself in nature. Get active with canoeing, boat trips, bike rides or an afternoon in an adventure park, which will all ensure memorable days. Or simply unwind at the pool or on one of the island’s black sand beaches. And if you prefer a cultural day, visit any of the museums and visitor centres and hear legends of past times. Take advantage of the city to do some shopping. Admire beautiful sunsets (or sunrises). Study the night sky.

La Palma is calm, quiet place, and will inspire awe in you, from the moment you set foot on the island.

And remember ... you have full permission to relax and enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

And are you a "digital nomad"? Well, there is no better place to send the report to the boss, do a study of the proposal ... An open-air office with views. That's La Palma!

You decide on what company you keep (or not) ... we decide the destination.

Planning your holidays on La Palma

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