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ROADS (updated on March 15, 2023)

The LP-5 "Airport" highway will be subject to intermittent cuts, regulated by traffic lights, at kilometer 1+490, from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24, due to road works.

Due to the volcanic eruption, these roads are closed:

LP-2 at the point of Tajuya.

LP-211 Todoque

LP-212 Tacande

TRAILS (updated on October 24, 2022).

Trails that remain totally or partially closed::

PR LP 02.1: El Corchete closed.

PR LP 02.3: Barranco de la Madera closed.

PR LP 05.1: Cubo de La Galga. Only the self-guided route is open, from the Environmental Information Point to the second bridge (round trip). You cannot continue to the Somada Alta Viewpoint.

PR LP 06: Closed due to risk of landslides. Open only the section Visitor Center - Espigón Atravesado viewpoint

PR LP 13.1: Closed between the La Cumbrecita viewpoint to the camping area.

PR LP 14.1: Closed.

PR LP 20: Closed between Las Goteras and Briestas.

SL EP 101, 103, 104, 105, 107: Closed.

For further and more specific information have a look at this website

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