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ROADS (updated on August 19, 2022)

The LP-310 “Refugio del Pilar” is already open.

Due to the volcanic eruption, these roads are closed:

LP-2 at the point of Tajuya.

LP-211 Todoque

LP-212 Tacande

LP-213 Puerto Naos

LP-215 Tazacorte – La Laguna

TRAILS (updated on August 31, 2022).

Due to the Prealert for rains, the section of the PR LP 13 Trail between the Barranco de Las Angustias and the camping area will remain CLOSED until further notice.

OPEN the section of trail GR-131 ROUTE OF THE VOLCANOES.

Trails that remain totally or partially closed::

GR 130 stage 6: Closed.

GR 131 stage 2: Open only section Roque de los Muchachos – Pico de La Nieve.

GR 131 stage 3: Teneguía section modified by the Teneguía Volcano Restoration works.

PR LP 02.1: El Corchete closed.

PR LP 02.3: Barranco de la Madera closed.

PR LP 06: Closed due to risk of landslides. Open only the section Visitor Center - Espigón Atravesado viewpoint

PR 07.1: Take extreme precautions from La Laguna de Barlovento to Las Barandas viewpoint.

PR LP 13: Closed between the Barranco de las Angustias car park and the Camping Area from January 17 until further notice, due to rain and storm alerts.

PR LP 13.1: Closed between the La Cumbrecita viewpoint to the camping area.

PR LP 14: Closed.

PR LP 14.1: Closed.

PR LP 15: Closed.

PR LP 16: Closed.

PR LP 16.1: Closed at the junction with the PR LP 16 trail.

PR LP 17: Closed.

PR LP 18: Closed.

PR LP 20: Closed between Las Goteras and Briestas.

SL BB 132: Closed.

SL EP 100, 101, 103, 104, 105, 107: Closed.

SL FU 110, 111: Closed.

SL VM 122,125: Closed.

Caldera de Taburiente National Park:

Pico de la Nieve – Chappel Virgen del Pino: Closed.

Camping area – Hoyo Verde: Closed.

La Cumbrecita – Camping area: Closed.

La Cumbrecita – La Cancelita: Open just until Morro de los Gatos.

Camping area: Closed.

For further and more specific information have a look at this website

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