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2021 volcanic eruption: current situation

On September 19th, 2021, La Palma lived a historic moment that placed La Palma at the center of all eyes. The volcanic eruption officially ceased on December 25, affecting 10% of the total surface of the island

As a consequence, the island has the youngest territory in Spain and with a new aspect in a portion of its territory, but it could not destroy the beauty of the island and the thousand reasons that make it La Isla Bonita.

Now begins the reconstruction of that 10% of the island area affected by this natural phenomenon. For this reason, it is not yet possible to access certain areas affected by the volcano. Guided and authorized tours will take you close to the new volcano for both, local people and visitors. Visitors will find further information on this at this link. If you are a local, register at this website

Likewise, the following points will offer you a panoramic view not only of the volcano but of the lava flows, as well Caños de Fuego, Monument to Fatima, Plaza Iglesia de Tajuya, Benahoarita archaeological museum, Mirador del Castillo de la Virgen, Puerto de Tazacorte beach,

It has been possible to connect the south and west of the island through a road that, crossing the lava flows formed by the recent eruption, leads from the area of ​​Las Norias to La Laguna. It is important to respect the indications to transit through it. You can download or see the current map of the island at this link

Inhabitants on the island are working hard to get back to normal as soon as possible. In the meantime, we ask you to continue to respect the indications and to enjoy everything else that this island has to offer you because, remember… for a thousand reasons… Beautiful.

From the bottom of our hearts… thank you so much for being there. We look forward to welcoming you on LA PALMA, LA ISLA BONITA ”.

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