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A paradise

Enjoy the solitude of paradise Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the island of La Palma is a mythical destination. Its mention recalls visions of a paradisiacal island and, once you visit it, you will discover that reality surpasses imagination. Privacy is one of the protagonists, offering the visitor time and space

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Reset yourself ... on La Palma

La Palma is like a natural spa. It has an energy, a magic, a very special force that will make you rest, you relax, forget about everyday worries, tension and back and download it again. Since the energy of the sun caressing your face to the wind energy embracing your body, not to mention that

Outdoor activities

The island offers a wide range of possibilities for sports and active, such as mountain biking, scuba diving, parasailing, quad biking entertainment. However, activity is hiking the highlighting. More than 1,000 kilometers of marked trails properly, following the guidelines of international law, take you

Travel the coast ... in a canoe

Las aguas de La Palma también permiten actividades de piragüismo, especialmente en el abrigado litoral de Fuencaliente. Y es que recorrer su acantilada costa, con sus bonitas formas, sus improvisadas piscinas naturales esculpidas caprichosamente entre sus rocas y sus cuevas recónditas con sus curiosos techos, son una experiencia digna de vivir, incluso, en pareja, en

Take part in ... Starlight activities

Did you know that the banana is the ‘star fruit’ of La Palma? And that for banana cultivation ... the sun is essential? You can learn this and much more in a visit to an organic banana plantation.

Live ... an adventure in the middle of nature

Pure and untouched nature of La Palma offers a wide range of adventures. Whether touring the seabed, through pine forests by bicycle, descending for its caves and volcanic tubes either flying over the sky to watch a bird's eye view. They are some of the options but there are many more. You choose and

About us

Turismo del Excmo. Cabildo Insular de La Palma se encarga, entre otras funciones, de la promoción del turismo en la isla de La Palma. Para lograr esta tarea, el Patronato se ha fijado una serie de objetivos, entre otros: Impulsar el desarrollo turístico insular en todas sus manifestaciones, en materia de estudio, planificación, organización, programación,

Outdoor activities

In the Atlantic Ocean lies the island of La Palma a biosphere reserve of 706 square kilometer stretch and a population of about 86,000 inhabitants. La Palma offers plenty of possibilities for active leisure. Hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, parasailing, boat trips and much more ... Everything is possible. By sea

Spending a weekend ... 1 to 2 weeks... on La Palma

LA PALMA IN A WEEKEND weekend may be little to get to know La Palma, but if you follow some of our recommendations, you will discover some of the most beautiful parts of the island. You can combine hiking, shopping, spend the day at the beach, visit museums, taste the rich gastronomy palm

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