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The Astrophysical Observatory of Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM), located at an altitude of 2,420 metres in the municipality of Garafía, is one of the most complete telescope arrays in the world. Thanks to its dark, clear skies almost all year round, La Palma has become one of the most privileged locations on the planet for astronomical observation.
Opened in 1985 and regented by the Canary Islands Astrophysical Institute (IAC), the atmosphere at the Observatory is remarkably stable due to its position on the very edge of the Caldera de Taburiente, facing the prevailing north wind. Both aspects enable the telescope facilities to take sharp, stable images of the night sky. In summer, the sky remains clear 90% of the nights, which, combined with remoteness from inhabited areas, and the island’s limited urban development, guarantees a diaphanous, pollution-free atmosphere.
La Palma’s sky, moreover, is protected by the Law for the Protection of the Astronomical Quality of the IAC Observatories, known as the Sky Law, which enforces control of light pollution, regulates public lighting, and controls radio-electric communications and aviation routes.






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