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In the Museum of Palmeran Cigars you will discover the secrets of cigar making, from their mythical origin to their spread over the entire planet: their use in ancient cultures, their discovery by the Old World, the European expansion, their popularization in society, the evolution in the forms of consumption, and the science of their production and processing. But also, and more specifically, the reason for their connection with the island of La Palma, and with the municipality of Breña Alta in particular. For its part, the adjacent Museum of the Fiesta of the Crosses invites you to discover this celebration, a living testimony to popular culture which every month of May congregates thousands of people, who go to contemplate the magnificent ephemeral works of art, fruit of the skills of artisans and local inhabitants on La Palma.


Parque de los Álamos-San Pedro

Breña Alta




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From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00

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