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olmo (rye straw) and zarza (bramble) baskets

Raw materials of baskets made of colmo are rye straw and branches of blackberry bushes. The most characteristic item is balayo, that is, a round, shallow basket which is very useful for many household and agricultural purposes.

Palm leaf baskets

As the name suggests, these are made from the leaves of the Canary Pine. Firstly, the leaves are collected. Craftsmen and craftswomen use the prepared leaves to make cheese moulds (empleitas), sereta (bags), baskets to carry fighting cocks (cestas galleras), esteras, large fans abanadores (a kind of fan used to revive fire) or hats.

Stick (Vara) baskets 

Craftsmen and craftswomen make baskets out of bark, obtained mainly from chestnut trees’ branches and trunks.  The bark is mainly made into baskets to carry things (espuertas), trays, panels and all kinds of basket with one or more handles.

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