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La Palma lies right in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, the most north-westerly of the Canary Islands. It covers a surface area of 706 square kilometres and it has a population of 86,000 citizens. La Palma offers thousands of ways to enjoy nature, making it a ral paradise for adventure lovers. Hiking, mountain bike, paragliding, […]



The seabed around La Palma can be characterised as volcanic, abrupt and of great depth. It abounds in fissures, shelves, and caves, some protected due to their value and uniqueness, and also has extensive sandy areas and mixed bottoms.



La Palma is the hikers’ paradise. The Island Network of Paths, which covers the entire territory like a spiders web, now runs to almost 1,000 kilometres, all fully indicated with coloured waymarkers, signposts and information panels. The international norms of the European Ramblers Association (ERA) classify the different types of routes by colour. Short Distance […]


From the air

The mildness of the climate, plus the special topographical characteristics and prevailing wind direction, coupled with the logistics set up which the island already has, means that its numerous flying sites can be used at least 330 days a year. Thanks to its central mountain ridge, even with the worst atmospheric conditions on one side, […]

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