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The extraordinary natural beauties of La Palma make it an island full of surprises. The scenery is one of its chief natural resources, and demonstrates the island’s environmental health.
The astonishing landscapes and indigenous flora and fauna species inspire visitors to explore every corner of this spectacular island. And its well cared for environment makes a perfect backdrop to enjoy outdoor activities, in contact with nature.

La Palma is a real paradise for walkers.   Its vast network of hiking paths invites you to discover scenery of outstanding natural beauty, painted by lush vegetation and an intense light.  Here you will find everything from easy strolls through colourful landscapes, to challenging hikes up the wild peaks of Bejenado and Birigoyo. And a trip to La Caldera de Taburiente or the springs at Marcos y Corderos makes you appreciate the miracle of water.

  • Volcanes1_SaúlSantos


    La Palma is still in a phase of geological development, characterised by very rapid volcanic growth. The island emerged with the uplifting of a piece of oceanic crust, from which the Caldera de Taburiente and the Cumbre Nueva were formed. Later, volcanic activity gradually [...]

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    Mountain Bike

    As you gain speed, the landscape is compressed. Lateral vision disappears. The track shrinks, and the wind grows deafening. Stones hammer against the spokes of the wheel. Dust coats your visor. In your mouth, the metallic taste of adrenalin. Gravity can be marvellous: we are [...]

Bosque de Los Tilos_PilarFernández

Los Tilos laurel forest

By car, along the LP-1 towards San Andrés y Sauces. Before crossing the long bridge, a turning will be seen on the left, if coming from Santa Cruz de La Palma, indicating Los Tilos (LP-105 road). If travelling in the opposite direction, the turning will be after the bridge, on the right.



La Palma is an island blessed with fragrances. From the paradoxically sweet aroma of the plant called salao (“salty”), to the mentholated freshness of the pine forests, its fields overwhelm the visitor with an almost infinite catalogue of balsams. They are the most obvious evidence of a biodiversity which reaches almost scandalous proportions, the result of the unhindered evolution of its plant species, isolated for hundreds of thousands of years

LaPalma_Paloma Rabiche-JM Castro


As soon as the glowing embers of the island had gone out, as soon as the lavas cooled and consolidated their rocky texture, living organisms started to explore it. First, a timid invertebrate. Later, a few birds blown off course by a storm. And finally, a group of peculiar primates, which walked upright and caused problems for all the other animals. Until privileged ones were discovered, and they learnt to respect them. Until today.

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