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Located in the middle of the island, this is the only municipality without coastline. El Paso, besides, has got the privilege of having the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. Birthplace of the silk manufacture, it is also home to Canary pine trees, attractive walks, panoramic views…

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  • MiradorLaCumbrecita_SaúlSantos

    La Cumbrecita viewpoint

    Access possible by private car or taxi. Remember the need to reserve a parking space. Take the LP-3 road to the Visitor Centre, and from there the LP-302 to the Cumbrecita viewpoint. For a kneeling giant, La Cumbrecita would be the keyhole. The fantasy of a voyeur sighing [...]

  • PN CalderaTaburiente interior_SaúlSantos

    Caldera de Taburiente National Park

    La Palma harbours in its interior a replica of itself. A mirror image turned to the south west, which reproduces the island's mould inversely. It looks as if some diabolical creature has dug it out with a blow of its claws, leaving behind a scar with jagged stitching. In its [...]

  • ColoresSeda-PFernandez


    All handicraft specialities are, by definition, laborious. But few require as much effort as transforming the voluntary isolation cell of a silk-worm into a shiny, immortal, and... er... silky garment. Add manual looms and natural dyes and the miracle implied by its survival [...]

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