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Corpus Christi

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No encyclopaedia could encompass all the knowledge connected with this celebration. All the botanical wisdom about colours and textures which has slowly fermented with the passage of decades. Secrets of oral transmission explaining how each plant and each lichen, each shoot and each petal, demands a certain picking and precise treatment in space and time.

Between May and June, Villa de Mazo is awash with colour and flowers during the celebration of Corpus Christi. It is a great occasion, which combines religious fervour with the popular, artistic expression of local inhabitants. The ingenuity and creativity of the people of Mazo has earned the declaration of Fiesta of National Tourist Interest for this event. The programme of the celebration is very comprehensive, and includes sports tournaments, exhibitions, competitions, theatrical pieces, children’s games, music, concerts…However, the most characteristic element are the tapestries made with petals, leaves, and volcanic sand, plus the arches decked out with flowers, buds and seeds. The face colour of the figures represented, their clothing, the landscapes in the background…everything is achieved with these humble natural components. The evening before Corpus, local people place the triumphal arches, corridors and carpets in the town streets. Later, the procession of the Holy Sacrament follows the path of these works of art decking the cobbled streets of the main town in the municipality. Thanks to its artistic and symbolic value, the Corpus of the Villa de Mazo is a powerful focus of attention, with its rich catalogue of pictorial and theatrical elements representing motifs connected with the Eucharist. The figure of the Santísimo (Most Holy) repeats itself in tabernacles and custodies, crosses and candelabras, standards and urns. It is present in doves and peacocks, swans and seagulls, fish and lambs. And it is also represented in images of Saint Blaise, Saint Laurence and the Virgin of the Snows, patron of the island and perpetual mayoress of the municipality. The origin of this festivity comes from an ancient tradition from the Renaissance period, in which altars, arches and triumphal chariots were used. In 1873 the making of carpets and corridors is recorded, as well as the decoration of altars. From 1950, these elements underwent modifications in their construction, design, styles and subject matter.





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