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The identity of a people can be seen through its culture, its traditions, its celebrations and its heritage. On La Palma, an unique culture has flowed from its archaeological beginnings, its legends, architecture, celebrations, and crafts .

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    The Belmaco archaeological park

    In the 17th century, the first petroglyphs discovered in the Canary Islands were found at Belmaco. The importance of these rock engravings made the site a reference point and obligatory visit for researchers interested in La Palma’s past, and in that of the archipelago. The [...]

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    Caballos Fufos Y Caballos Fuscos

    Horses also play an important role in the celebrations on La Palma. The Caballos Fufos parade take place in Tazacorte, in the end of September to the music of the song “Vuela, vuela, palomita”. Around 20 horses, made out of cane covered with tissue [...]


Religious and secular architecture

Both religious and secular architecture show the influence of different cultures on the island. Some buildings are important enough to be declared as Cultural Assets in different categories (the equivalent of a Listed Building). Manor houses with central courtyards or wooden balconies stand as silent witnesses to a glorious past. Churches were built with corners […]


Popular celebrations

The orchestra sways in choreographed steps, while groups of nervous teenagers wait for their first dance, perhaps their first kiss. The loudspeakers thunder with the same songs as always, drawing greying couples from the edges of the square into its centre. And the party turns into a mixture of familiar faces, which greet each other […]



Silk production, pottery, cigar making, baskestry, embroideries and making items of wood, stone, leather, and metal are some of the La Palma’s traditional crafts. Craftsmen and craftswomen, making use of natural raw materials and following a long process,   produce entirely handmade, elegant, items.



The rock art sites of La Zarza and La Zarcita are one of the most important archaeological assets of the Canary Island archipelago. La Zarza occupies a spacious caboco (circular depression in the bottom of a ravine), between the La Mata and Llano Negro districts, while the latter is located on the left side of […]

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