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About us

The La Palma Tourist Board is an administrative body which is a legal entity in its own right. It was founded by the Excmo.Cabildo Insular de la Palma (The island Council) with a clear objective in mind: the promotion of tourism and the marketing of the island. For this purpose, some clear goals have been established:

• To encourage the tourist development of the island by research, planning, organization, advertising and promotion of the island inside and outside the Canary Islands, even in foreign countries
• To cooperate and collaborate with town halls, the government of the Canary Islands, the Spanish Government, the European Union and others for that promotion to be fully successful and to take other successful actions to promote the island
• To improve the tourist image of the island by making use of and improving the resources the island offers, as well as its attractions. To develop the tourist facilities existing on the island and to encourage and introduce different forms of tourism, such as Rural Tourism, Leisure tourism, tourism for the elderly and any other type of social tourismiente turística.

Find us in Avda. Marítima, 34 E-38700 – Santa Cruz de La Palma (Canary Islands). Telephone number: (+34) 922 423 100 (extensions: 2340/2341/2342). E-mail address:

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